"Perfectly Safe" Security System

The "Perfectly safe" security system is an advanced concept of security and monitoring of apartments and personal buildings. Not only provides intrusion detection, it also allows distance monitoring through world wide web and emergency signalling by e-mail. The system consists of a central command unit which controls the state of the surveillance system, a software interface unit and a web server. The software interface unit is linked to the command unit through an RS232 serial line and it continously monitors the system state. When the alarm is triggered, it send emergency e-mails to the owners of the house. The web server communicates through internet to the software interface unit and allows distance monitoring. The command unit is designed and implemented in Verilog HDL. The software interface unit is implemented in gnu C, and it designed to run on a unix system. The web monitoring system consists off html web pages and CGI scripts and are designed for an APACHE server.