Adrian Petrescu     Adrian-Cristian PETRESCU

          Prof. Ph.D. Eng.(1976,1964,1959)
          Ph.D. supervisor
          Professor emeritus. Faculty of Automation and Computers, Computer Science Department, University Politehnica Bucharest.
Studies Eng. Department of Electronics and Telecommunications 1959, Politehnica University Bucharest
PhD. Power Engineering Institute, Computing Technique Dept. Moscow 1964 (advisor: prof.dr. Ilia Markowitch Tetelbaum).
Visiting professor
Institute of Computer Science London, Oct 1968-June 1969
IBM Greenford Training Center, July-Sept 1971
Ann Arbor Univ., BYU, Berkeley Univ. Stanford Univ., Jan-March 1981
Univ. of Gent., June 1996, Univ. of Delft, March 2002
Courses on Digital Computers
VLSI Design
Data Processing Digital Systems Structure
Main fields of interest
Data Processing Systems Design and Implementation;
VLSI Design;
Configurable/Reconfigurable Computing;
High Performance Computing;
Man-machine interfaces;
Design & development partial differential equations electrical solver,1963;
analog computer (20 operational amplifiers),1965;
Design, development & production Felix MC8 microcomputer (based on 8008 microprocessor),1974;
Felix M18 microcomputer (based on 8080 microprocessor),1976;
Felix M18B microcomputer (based on 8080 microprocessor),1978;
Felix M118 desk-top microcomputer (based on 8080 microprocessor),1980;
Felix M216 microcomputer (based on 8080 and 8086 microprocessors),1982;
Felix PC microcomputer (based on 8086 microprocessor),1984;
aMIC home computer (based on Z80 microprocessor),1984;
HC-85 home computer (based on Z80 microprocessor),1985;
Publications 7 books
3 translated books (into Romanian Language)
140 papers and scientific reports
1 patent
Over 40 contracts
  • Education Ministry awards for scientific research achievements. (1966, 1980, 1985, 1987).
  • "Traian Vuia" Award of the Romanian Academy (1975)
  • Award: " The Medal of Work". (1980).
  • Dr.H.C. Craiova University (1999)
  • Order: "For Merit", in rank of Knight (2000)
  • Affiliations
  • Member of The Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania (1999)
  • BCS (accepted fellow -1974)
  • IEEE
  • NY Academy of Sciences
  • ACM
  • AFCEA (Vice president: 1994-2000, President of the Digital Computers Commission)
  • Head of the Department of Computers (1973-1984)
  • Vice-dean of the Faculty of Automatics (1966-1968)
  • Member of the University Senate (1970-1990, 1996-2000, 2004-2007)
  • Head of The National Research Programme: "Microprocessors, Microcomputers and Applications". (1980-1989) .
  • Organizer of the Annual National Symposium on "Microprocessors, Microcomputers and Applications" (1980-1989)
  • President of the Committee for Informatics of the Ministry of Education (1980-1991)
  • President of the Informatics Communication sub-committee of the UNESCO National Committee (1990-1997).
  • Dean: The Informatics Systems Engineering Faculty (1992-1997).
  • Vice-president of "Information Technology and Communications" Chapter - Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania (1999-2009)

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